headphone cord isn’t straight either
there was no milo left so i melted some nutella and poured it over my ice cream
so i did
so i just went to kfc drive-thru coz cravings and ordered a twister and some popcorn chicken, and the girl on the speaking machine was like ok a zinger and popcorn chicken? and i was like no, a twister. so i pull to the delivery window and the bitch gives me a zinger and popcorn and i was like uh i ordered a twister, not a zinger, i even corrected you. and she goes oh sorry if you want the twister ill have to charge you for it. and of course i said no, and i was so angry that i parked and walked in and was like yeh can i have my twister please because its not my fault she got my order wrong after i corrected her, and she came out to the counter and was like yeh he said twister… so the manager refunded the zinger and gave me the twister for free :) 
last night as a teenager 
newest edition bed hair
so nice to be home, struggling to stay awake at this stage haha
i put my headphones through the wash and they still work :))))))
it’s been a tough month so far
don’t really know how to deal with my hair now that it’s longer
honestly in a terrible mood
Anonymous asked:
Selfie? :)

imageso what

lighting is a little different for some reason